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    • 08 Nov 2019
    • 09 Nov 2019
    • Thomas Great Hall, Bryn Mawr College, 101 N. Merion Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

    Bryn Mawr College’s Department of Social Work and Social Research, The Institute for Relational Psychoanalysis of Philadelphia, Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy,  APA Division 39’s Section on Children and Adolescents, and The Philadelphia Center for Psychoanalytic Education

    Proudly Present:

    Play for a Change: Therapeutic Action in Contemporary Child Psychotherapy

    Children learn to think, regulate emotions, have fun, heal from trauma, and find self-agency through play. However, children play less, and parents and professionals have lost sight of both the value of play in healthy development as well as play’s role in helping children work through conflicts and symptoms. Providing clinical and research evidence that reasserts that value is the goal of our conference.

    6 CE credits are offered for Saturday Workshop


Past events

16 Mar 2019 Turbulent Times: Inside and Outside the Consulting Room
23 Sep 2018 The Piggle Speaks: Rereading Winnicott's Classic Case in Light Of Conversations with the adult "Gabrielle."
27 Jan 2018 Conference Announcement: Creative Strategies for Trauma Treatment
23 Jan 2018 The Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment Patterns Within a Cultural Context in Child Treatment
11 Jan 2018 IRPP Classes Dues and Registration Spring 2018
30 Aug 2017 IRPP Classes and Dues -- Fall 2017
04 Jun 2017 Open House
26 Feb 2017 Town Hall Meeting
11 Feb 2017 Cultural & Contextual Subjectivities & Dilemmas in the Clinical Encounter
09 Jan 2017 Assembling a Gendered Self at Adolescence
20 Oct 2016 Ferenczi and His Heirs: The Evolving Role of the Analyst’s Subjectivity in Clinical Practice
07 Sep 2016 Assembling a Gendered Self at Adolescence
13 Apr 2016 IRPP Classes and dues
02 Apr 2016 The Freud/Ferenczi Letters, a Staged Reading of Selected Letters
01 Mar 2016 Treating Couples on the Brink
13 Feb 2016 AGAIN: Three Perspectives on a Psychotherapy Case
20 Jan 2016 IRPP Classes and dues
17 Nov 2015 Race, ethnicity, and the trans-generational transmission of trauma: Clinical process meets cultural perspectives
09 Sep 2015 IRPP Classes
11 Mar 2015 THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. PLEASE RETURN FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. Where's the baby? Keeping the child in mind in psychoanalysis. Reading seminar and workshop.
31 Jan 2015 Treating Eating Disorders in an Analytic Context: Clinical Conundrums
28 Oct 2014 The therapist’s fear of harming and the perpetuation and resolution of enactments
21 Sep 2014 Psychoanalysts on the Street: Community Initiatives in Philadelphia and Beyond
26 Feb 2014 Dynamic Linking of Psyche and Soma: Redefining the Terms of Engagement in Relational Psychoanalysis
30 Jan 2014 The Impact of Infidelity and the Influence of Individual Therapists on the Couple and the Couple Therapy: Pitfalls and Possibilities
20 Nov 2013 “Relationalizing” Winnicott: A Dialogue with Joyce Slochower
20 Oct 2013 Virtue Ethics, Clinical Wisdom, and Narratives from the "Virtuous" Psychoanalyst
20 Sep 2013 Bringing Back Childhood For the Future of Society
02 Feb 2013 Again: Multiple Perspectives on a Psychotherapy Case
28 Nov 2012 Intersubjectivity in the treatment of dissociation: Converging perspectives from affective neuroscience, relational psychoanalysis, and empirical research
10 Oct 2012 'Winnicott's Search for Himself as a Clinician'
20 Feb 2012 Clinical Writing and The Personal Essay (February 20 and 27, March 10)
20 Jan 2012 Expanding the Frame
23 Oct 2011 PCPE Ethics Workshop
12 Sep 2011 Bruce Reis Reading Seminar and Workshop
04 May 2011 Therese Ragen Reading Seminar
22 Jan 2011 Again: Three Perspectives on a Psychotherapy Case
21 Mar 2009 Special Ethics Workshop: Ghislaine Boulanger, Ph.D. "When Diagnoses Obscure The Real: Ethical Considerations Surrounding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder"
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