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15 Apr 2011 7:34 AM | Laurel M. Silber
Again, Welcome to PCPE, special thanks to Board members Dennis Debiak, along with David Rameriz, for their help in setting up this website for PCPE.  If you are reading this blog, thank you for engaging with us.  PCPE is a diverse group of Board members who have been committed to bringing the community deeper into a psychoanalytic dialogue.  Psychoanalysis is such a multi-faceted theory that there is room for all of us.  The seminars and workshops have always been a rich exchange of ideas and we not only learn from the presenter but from each other.  As a Board we try to keep in touch with contemporary trends within psychoanalysis and bring speakers who we feel can inform and engage us in thinking together about theory and clinical work. We are always pleased to see colleagues and graduate students come together and discuss. We have been collaborating with other psychoanalytic organizations and adding social aspects to our events because it has created a more connected vibrant community.  IRPP has graduated some of the members of its first class and the intellectual debate has become increasing sharp and enlightening.  We all benefit from the shared thought.  In that spirit, blog with us.
   I am going to raise an issue that is near and dear to psychoanalysis - play.  Psychoanalysis has long recognized the therapeutic value of play and it is of central importance to child therapy.  Interestingly, relational adult psychoanalysts have begun to bring these ideas into (play, improvisation) their discussions about the work with adults. The Boston Change Process Study Group has reaffirmed the central importance of play with therapeutic action.  I want to call our attention to an opportunity for our organization, to join hands with other organizations to place play at the center of children's lives again.  Now we are moving into a kind of collaboration that is informed by psychoanalysis but does not have psychoanalysis at its center - it has children at its center. We know that play has therapeutic usefulness, but we also know it is critical to child development (socially, behaviorally, neurologically, biologically, educationally).  Therefore we can be attuned to helping other organizations (alliance for childhood, ultimate block party, US play coalition, national institute for play, "Race to Nowhere") bring needed cultural, political, educational policy changes that will reintroduce play into children's lives.  Toward that end, my sister, Barbara Stern (an elementary school principal)and I will be speaking about the importance of play to the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of young Children (DVAEYC).  I am looking forward to the opportunity to join our group to other groups who share a common wish for the improving the lives of children. This is one of the issues we are discussing at our Board meetings where we take up multiple interests in our psychoanalytically informed community.  Please feel free to post a blog as we are interested in what you think and what will help move psychoanalytic thought in all its applications.

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